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Mobile App Marketing

How Important are App Downloads for you?

Launching an app is one thing, but getting it discovered is another.

Getting your app discovered is the fundamental challenge every app marketer faces. With millions of apps to choose from across iOS, Android and other platforms, standing out in the unlimited sea of apps is becoming more and more difficult.

App downloads, especially in UAE is getting more & more expensive. An average of $2 – $3 is the cost per download.

Smartphone users worldwide will download more than 45 billion apps this year, nearly twice the number of apps that were downloaded in 2015, according to new data from the research group Gartner, a clear sign of just how quickly the demand for apps is growing.

App marketing can be broken down to two categories: Paid Marketing and Organic Marketing. See our top 11 tips on how to get more app downloads

Plex Dubai is company passionate about Mobile App Marketing. We provide consulting services to manage and launch your long-term success with paid media management and more.

How Plex Dubai can help with your app download campaign

  • We have Integration and access to the Multiple Mobile Ad Networks to show your app.
  • We will understand who your customers are and where you can find them.
  • Develop app marketing strategies by researching your app features.
  • If it’s new app we help you choose the right keywords and category.
  • We also help you get more app reviews and make you part of “Great Apps” searches.
  • Build a Mobile site and drive traffic to get users to download your app.
  • Install Analytics and Mobile App tracking for your app to know how users engage with your app.
  • Track your marketing app performance and optimize accordingly

If you’re not using a mobile app marketing agency, strongly consider doing so. Even if your in-house marketing team does have the expertise, they probably do not have access to the best ad-optimizing technology available, and they may not have the time to manage campaigns the way they’d like to.

We will put together a winning app promotion strategy for you. We will market your apps across various platforms such as iPhones and Android phones.

The Mobile Revolution is in full swing, and app developers have a golden opportunity to cash in. Consider the facts:

Consider These Facts:

  • Over 600,000 apps are currently for sale in the iTunes App Store
  • More iPhones are sold than babies born in the world every day
  • iPhone users have an average of 108 apps installed (and growing)
  • More than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store so far
  • iPhone owners use their apps for 84 minutes a day

There is no question about the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that the smartphone gives you. The only question is, will you step up and claim your share?

Don’t let your app get lost in a sea of app stores.

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